CONDUCTORS:High purity OFC copper solid-core
8 x 23 AWG
INSULATION:Foamed Polyethylene
CONSTRUCTION:4 x twisted pairs with variable pitch
DAMPING & SHIELDS:1 x resonance damper,
Individually Screened Foiled Twisted Pairs
Overall foil screen, outer copper braid
TERMINATIONS:Telegartner MFP8 fully shielded RJ45

Tempest 2 Ethernet Cable

Tempest 2 Ethernet cable is the ideal way for audio enthusiasts to connect their NAS and music streaming devices. Eight, 23 AWG solid-core copper conductors are insulated in super low-loss foamed polyethylene and arranged into four variable-pitch twisted pairs to reduce crosstalk. The shielding is advanced: individually foil screens (s/ftp), a thick outer foil screen over these four shielded conductor pairs, dense copper braid on top of that, and finally a resonance damper to reduce mechanically-induced noise. Fully-shielded metal body Telegartner RJ45 connectors preserve signal integrity. Such a design helps ensure accurate signal transmission over long lengths and offers impressive resistance to electrical noise.

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