CONDUCTORS:2 x 18 AWG Pure Silver (4N) solid-core
2 x 19 AWG Pure Silver (4N) solid-core
2 x 21/3 AWG Silver-plated OFC (7N) multicore
GAUGE:10 AWG per channel equivalent
INSULATION:PTFE Teflon, super air-spaced
CONSTRUCTION:Counter-balanced helical twist,
Distributed gauge
DAMPING:2 x resonance dampers per channel
(metal & carbon-fiber)
TERMINATIONS:Dynamique low-mass banana plug
(gold over phosphor bronze, PTFE Teflon)
Dynamique low-mass spade plug
(gold over pure copper, PTFE Teflon)

WBT Nextgen 0610/0681 AG (upgrade)

Halo 2 Speaker Cable

Halo 2 is a 10 AWG pure silver hybrid speaker cable that draws on many of the design concepts of our reference-grade speaker cable designs. The solid-core conductors per channel feature both 'distributed gauge' technology to optimise bandwidth and frequency response, and 'multicore' conductors for the most natural tonal balance. The insulation is our super air-spaced PTFE Teflon dielectric and the conductor groups are arranged in a counter-balanced helical-twist geometry. Two carbon-fiber based resonance dampers per channel help to reduce mechanically-induced distortions. Halo 2 has a sweet and natural sound with richly detailed voices, solid bass extension and a deep, three dimensional soundstage.

  Review Issue 257
  By Fernando Andrette

 'Product of the Year' accolade
 Best of the year awards 2019
 AV Mag Brazil issue 259

  Review Issue 80
  By Alan Sircom

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WBT Nextgen 0681 AG upgrade
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