CONDUCTORS:Pure Silver (4N) solid-core
2 x 21 AWG, 2 x 22 AWG, 2 x 24 AWG
INSULATION:PTFE Teflon, super air-spaced
CONSTRUCTION:Helical array, Distributed gauge, triple-balanced
DAMPING:1 x resonance filter per channel
TERMINATIONS:Dynamique low-mass gold RCA
WBT NextGen 0152 Ag RCA (upgrade)
Neutrik XX gold XLR
Carbon-fiber/Rhodium XLR (upgrade)

Halo 2 Analogue Interconnect

Halo 2 interconnects are closely related to our reference-class Zenith 2 cables and incorporate the same distributed gauge technology for optimised bandwidth and frequency response. Each channel features 2 x 21 AWG, 2 x 22 AWG, and 2 x 24 AWG pure silver solid-core conductors, arranged in a triple-balanced, helical array formation for optimal conductor spacing, and insulated in air-spaced PTFE. Resonance dampers further reduce the noise floor. Halo 2 offers exceptional detail and definition, superb bass power, and an articulate, open soundstage.

  Review Issue 257

  By Fernando Andrette

  Review Dec 2018

  Review Issue 80

  By Alan Sircom

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WBT Nextgen 0152 AG upgrade
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