CONDUCTORS:Pure Silver (4N) solid-core &
Silver-plated OFC (6N) multistrand
2 x 22 AWG AG (data)
2 x 22 AWG SPC (power)
INSULATION:Air-spaced PTFE Teflon (data)
FEP Teflon (power)
CONSTRUCTION:Twisted shielded pair
1 x Resonance filter,
Independently shielded data & power pairs
with high-density pure copper braids
Anodised aluminium USB connector shell
TERMINATIONS:Dynamique anodised aluminium USB housing,
gold-plated shell & pins

Firelight 2 USB Cable

Firelight 2 USB is a pure silver USB cable design. High purity 22 AWG pure silver/air-PTFE data conductors are separately shielded and jacketed from the 22 AWG silver-OFC/FEP power conductors - physically isolating the signal and power lines provide a significant reduction in electrical noise, whilst the dense copper braids and our resonance filter technology work to further reduce electrical noise. Newly developed anodised aluminium USB backshells provide critical shielding at the point of termination. Firelight 2 USB is ideal for high-resolution music formats, offering a vibrant sound, bristling with energy and detail.

Terminated as standard with anodised aluminium Type A to Type B connectors with gold-plated inner shell & pins.




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